Develop the ABCs of Athleticisim as easy as 123


"KICK OFF to Rugby! "

Ages 6 - 9

LEARNING to Train 

"DEVELOP the Basics!"


Ages 10 - 11
Ages 12 - 13

Develop FUNdamental movement skill

Enhance & develop ABCs of athleticism and, core rugby skills

Rugby specific skill development

Our Mission


  • Fun & Participation
  • Team Work
  • Healthy Active Lifestyle
  • Develop Athleticisim through the Joy of Rugby
  • We want you and your child to enjoy a great and SAFE Rugby experience in a secure, controlled environment, with an emphasis on having fun!


  • Children (boys and girls) play within narrow, controlled age/size bands; coaching emphasis is at all times on safety and having fun, with little or no physical contact for younger age groups.


  • Physical aspects of the game are only added as the child's experience and age can assimilate them. For the safety of our players, we adhere at all times to the age and safety guidelines of the International Rugby Board for the introduction of Rugby to children.

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