The first step to joining Westman Youth Rugby is to complete the registration forms located on the Registration page.
Supplied With Membership Fees







Equipment Not Supplied


Athletic Shoes or Cleats
Mouth Guard (Safety Requirement)
Water or Sport Drink for breaks

Each club has their own options regarding clothing orders. Some clubs have a clothing package which players can purchase in addition to the registrations fees. Contact your community director for prices during registration.

REMEMBER!!!  The weather can be unpredictable and players/parents should be prepared.  If its cold, players usually have a jacket to wear when they aren't playing or a long sleve underneath their jersey.  Always be prepared when leaving home for game day to ensure an enjoyable rugby experience. 

Additional Equipment
Compression Under Shorts
Compression Under Shirt
Scrum Cap - Rugby Protective Head Gear
Body Armour Shoulder Pads
Grip Mitt Gloves



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